The Power of Self-Discovery

by Dea Kotobelli

One of the biggest obstacles of human nature is the limitation of knowing thy self. We tend to run after everything else around us but US.

We tend to believe that a journey of knowledge, learning, experience, recognition and exploration starts outdoors, but instead it is a path that should begin in the deepest molecules of a human’s essence.

We can control our mind, body, soul and behavior; if we take a moment or two, to actually deduce and understand the mechanisms of our own timepiece of existence.

There is a difference between living and simply existing. A whole sky of distinctions separates these two concepts co-existing in a tad of farfetched reality. The key of becoming alive rests in the power of a thorough self-discovering journey.

This is a process based on you intertwining with the core of your being as well as with the positive aspects of the outside world.

Learn about your being, discover what you deeply love, what sets your soul on a very cheesy fire and attach to it, like a ladybug to my shoulder. Look for little things around that can help your personal development, that can brighten up your eyes, mood and day.

See what bothers and frustrates you, even if it’s a bit of dust stuck to one your kitchen cupboards, and detach from it. Clean it up and forget its existence. Focus on the treasures of life and don’t waste your sacred breath on the troubling ornaments whispering in the background.

Reach in, embrace yourself for a second of two and then reach out to the world and start living like nothing else but you, is existing.