Be Aware of the Power Within You

by Dea Kotobelli

You, my dear human, are an earthly, obsidian mirror. You have the power to reflect the heart of your every connection. Hence, my dear human, you owe it to yourself to only unite with what inspires, protects and blossoms the fuel of your being.

We need a lot of energy to go through our days, because hey, living is a very tough and challenging task. Our energy sources are nourished by the seven chakras coexisting freely in the center of our quintessence.

However, just like turbines, which process the water flow after the main gates of a reservoir are open, we need to unblock our chakras and let the wheel of the most spiritual impulses conquer our body.

Natuvert naturally illuminates your senses and thus releases the flow of your little wheel of energy. Every fragrance of our Awareness Collection shoots straight in the heart of each chakra and awakens its vitality and power.

Essentials oils have their ways of elevating your spirit and brightening your aura. That is why Natuvert created seven scents that will be the anchors to your balance and chakras.

Blue truth signifies the essence of speaking. This is the spiciest, slightly sweet fragrance in the range. Sage and basil steal the lead. The addition of chamomile and lavender creates a purifying, harmonizing experience that helps in a period of transition when it is difficult to find our words.

Allow yourself to inhale your deepest voice. Listen to it and then let it breath for the outside world to hear. Speak your truth, only that will solve all your infinite questions. The answer lives in your own voice.

Deep red manifests the essence of existence. Gasp the courage flowing in the air, telling you that you have to live your life, right now in this instance. Don’t let go of this moment, exploit its deepest cores. Be daring and eager to live without ever losing yourself.

This intense and full-bodied scent immediately reminds you of the freshness of the morning and encourages you to move forward. Over time, the thyme and rosewood evolve into a grounding, spicy and powerful fragrance in which you discover patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood that you can add to the pleasantries of life.

A simple process of only spraying your ambience takes you one step further to a deeper connection with yourself and understanding the lengths of your power. Let nature sink in for a second and fathom how the world within and around you can change for the better.