Discover the power of the 7 chakras

by Angela Cabeza

We are more than just physical bodies, we are also energy. Chakras are spirals of energy around our body and inside the most important channel of our bodies and health. In fact the meaning of chakras is Wheel, meaning these spirals are constantly moving and providing us with energy to be in balance with our inner-self but also to be in balance with the outside world.

There are 7 principal chakras in our bodies which are in-charge to keep our physical and spiritual bodies in balance . When our chakras are aligned we feel in many aspects stronger, healthier and happier. As if nothing is missing, however, when our centres of energie are block, we face difficulties to achieve things in life, in both the physicial and spiritual being.

For our Natuvert lovers, it is important to understand the importance of the chakras and what each one of them represent as energy centers and how can affect us in many aspects if we are out of balance or blocked.

The 7 chakras explained:

1- Muladhara: Root chakra located in the base of our spine, it represents everything related with survival , money, home, food and material gains.
when this chakra is open we gain strength and will to live.
2- Svadhisthana : situated in the umbilical area just bellow the belly buttom, this energy centre affects pleasure and relations, when is open it improves creativity and energy.
3- Manipura : located in the stomach are is a fire element since is vinculated to the sun. It is responsible for confidence and self-esteem, personal power and it is blocked by shame and ego.
4- Anahata: chakra of the heart , is located near the heart, its energy centre is liked to love and is blocked with pain. Its is all about our ability to show love and compassion.
5- Vishuddha : throat chakra, it has to do with create and communicate, it shows us the true and it block with lies .
6- Ajna : the third eye, this chakra is located in our forehead. It is related to the mind and imagination, because our third eye is responsible for our intiution and connection to nature.
7- Sahasrara: chakra of the spirit and thoughts, located in the top of your head.
Open this chakra to perfection of the person, knowledge conscience , we are all one and to have a global vision of the universe.